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Contacting Twitter Support is Like Getting Blood From a Stone!

Ah, the trials and tribulations of trying to make contact with Twitter, it’s probably easier building a time machine and taking a holiday through history, now really, it probably is!

Many of you reading this blog will know that I founded the Blazing Minds website back in 2008 along with this was the Twitter account, aptly named Blazing Minds as well, and other social networking accounts to tie in with the Award Winning website.

Almost nine weeks ago (during the typing of this post) I was told that my tweets weren’t appearing in the Twitter Timeline and this, in turn, led to tweets not being found when doing live events or tweet chats when using a hash tag.

Very strange, so I went through the channels with Twitter and contacted them via their help website and submitted a ticket.

A week went by and nothing, not even an automated email from them, then another week and another. On the fourth week, I contacted them again and submitted a request to them, still nothing.

I popped on to Twitter and contacted them via their @Support account, still nothing, time has dragged on and after several attempts and nine weeks later still nothing, no help, no response, nada!

Seriously folks is this any way to run a help service? I’ve been a Twitter user since the early days of Twitter and for them to not give a damn about someone that has been using and promoting them via the tweeting over the years is disgusting.

I did at one point manage to get in touch with someone at Twitter via their email, but sadly they wasn’t much help and replied with, “It’s the search algorithms that Twitter uses”, yeah right!

So what next with Twitter?

Well, there isn’t much I can do, I can keep trying to get some response from Twitter Support and hope that at some point they answer some of my tweets to them.



Entering in to the World of Film on IMDB

Many of you that follow my award-winning website, Blazing Minds, will know that for many years I have been reviewing events, movies, working with some great celebs and photographing them as well.

You may have also seen me mention in a few articles that I have been working Behind The Scenes on a few upcoming movies.

I’m now pleased to announce that after working on several projects, I am now listed on IMDB and have also moved in to the world of film making with my first major credit (for me anyway) of Assistant Director on Dene Michael’s new video for his song “Hold Me Know”.

Don’t worry, I’m still going to be doing a lot of work with Blazing Minds and keeping that going for your entertainment needs.

So I would love it if you could all stop by another Twitter I have for this movie in to film making and give it a follow, @KarenNWoodham.

Massive thanks to everyone for all your support, I’ll also be using this blog for all the updates on what I’m up to with Best Picture Film and Video Star UK, so keep your eyes peeled for any new.


On The Day My Friend Sang With Jessie J!

Wow what a wild day it’s been today, my Twitter has gone a bit mad as people have ReTweeted an article I wrote on Blazing Minds about my friend, Caz, who was invited on stage at the Rhyl Pavilion to sing with Jessie J, yes THE Jessie J.

The Tweet from this morning

Suffice to say as soon as the article was posted up on Facebook as well, it started going a bit wild and although you can’t see the amount of times it has been viewed here on the blog, it is well in to tens of thousands.

So now it’s over to you dear reader, please hit that ReTweet button on the Twitter above and while you’re at it, hit the like button as well for the Facebook and don’t forget to share it will all your friends as well, I know Caz will be over the moon with all your social media love in spreading the word of her lifetime ambition which finally came true at the Rhyl Pavilion.

You can read the full article on Blazing Minds at Rhyl Singer Takes To The Stage With Jessie J.

Blazing Minds Facebook Top Posts This Week

What a brilliant week it’s been and I’m only just coming down from the excitement of the celebrations that I had with friends to celebrate 6 years of the Blazing Minds website and for me finally getting my official Press Card.

So today I thought I would take a little time out to bring you some of the popular posts from the Blazing Minds Official Facebook page as well as some of the articles that have done well over on Blazing Minds.

OK let’s start of with some of the Facebook updates that have been popular recently.

Our Birthday Celebrations

An Attempt to find the Rhyl Jedi

The Tour of Britain as Cyclists Raced Through St Asaph

More Party Photos From Hickorys

Top Tweets from the @BlazingMinds Twitter


The NEW Blazing Minds Giveaway

Hey folks, as a lot of you know I also founded and run the website, Blazing Minds, an entertainment website that in the last 6 years or so has built a massive following and is regarded as one of the key websites for the reviews that it publishes and also for the coverage that it gives to events around the country.

Enter to Win a Moth of Advertising on Blazing Minds

Anyway, a new giveaway has just started on the website and it gives the winner a chance of getting their website seen with a Month of FREE Advertising on the Blazing Minds website, now how cool is that.

The competition is being run over on the Blazing Minds Facebook page and entering it couldn’t be easier. So if you have a blog, small business or a blog, stop on by and get entering the giveaway now and you could be the lucky winner of a month of advertising on Blazing MInds

The Day My James Smith Tweet Went Wild!!!

Hey there everyone, just a quick post today, it’s been a pretty mad weekend with the Rhyl Beach Fest that has taken part in Rhyl, North Wales, but you can find all about it over on Blazing Minds.

Anyway, as I was taking the photos of the event after been given Access All Areas for the day, I managed to get a photo of Britain’s Got Talent finalist James Smith as he finished on the stage and started a meet and greet with fans.

It was an exclusive shot as I was in the right place, right time and armed with the right lens on the camera. The tweet of the picture has got a good deal of RTs and favourites and I put the call out on Facebook to help boost it.

But for those of you who may not be on Facebook and would like to boost the Tweet and photo then please, please RT and Favourite the tweet below, let’s see if we can break over 100 ReTweets with you help.

So thanks for your help everyone, very much appreciated 😉

Always good to have a rather early blog spring clean

So the other day, I was reading about the many ways of having a spring clean on your blog, so I decided to spend a few hours over at Blazing Minds and have a spring clean of my own!

So after sifting through thousands of articles that were either completely outdated or weren’t getting visits, I deleted them from the blog.

And with the news that Guest Posts are getting a bit of dirty press, specially those ones from groups that add links that have been added by companies, I went with a complete flush of those as well.

Has It Made A Difference To Blazing Minds?

Well to be honest several factors have come in to play on my website, I’ve been adding NoFollow to links, specially banners, after a friend of mine mentioned he’d been slapped by Google for having DoFollow banners!

So the changes I made with the use of a WordPress Plugin called External Links, which allows me to add “NoFollow” and open all external pages in a new tab/window, have made an improvement in the traffic etc., which is always a good sign!

Also, I have noticed a change in traffic and the search engines after removing articles that are outdated and ones that were guest posts with blatant keyword links URLs.

So now, it’s just a case of seeing how this affects the website over a longer period of time, hopefully with me taking back Blazing Minds to what it was before someone said, “accept guest posts, they’re great for your site!“, a site for entertainment and reviews, which is what people are finding the site for now anyway, just like they used to.

I adopted the NoFollow rule for the sister site, Ask The Usher, when I started that in January and it has proved that it works, with the site getting lots of hits and people finding it and using it as what it was intended for.

So there you have it folks, remember be careful what you link to and make sure your banners are NoFollow!!!!!

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What a busy week, but all worth it in the end

It’s been quite a busy week the last week, we interviewed the lovely author Sam Stone, met up with Frazer Hines, started a load of giveaways on the sister site, Ask The Usher and put some plans together for the Sci-Fi Weekender in Pwllheli.

Not only that, but after working with a friend on a new project we finished a new website for Euphoria Hair, which is now live, you can find it at, please stop by and check it out.


So now on to another week, we’re still setting all the plans up the Pwllheli weekend, which is going to be great, Blazing Minds will be tweeting from the event, as will Ask The Usher, so look out for those tweets.

Tweet y’all soon 😉

Fancy Winning Some Rock/Metal CDs

Well my dear readers, I have a great little competition going on at the moment and the prize is a collection of fantastic Rock/Metal CDs that I have in my collection that are going to be given away to one luck winner.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning these CD albums, then you can enter in one of two ways.

The Easy Way To Enter The Giveaway

Simple click “follow” to follow @BlazingMinds and then hit the RT button.

The Other Way To Enter

Or if you choose, you can enter by visiting TwitNinja and entering the giveaway there.

The winner will be drawn when we have 20,000 followers (253 to go as of this post). The winner must also be following @BlazingMinds.

Good Luck.