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Watch “Marty Wilde Interview with Blazing Minds” on YouTube

We interviewed Marty Wilde for the Blazing Minds website, please watch it and give it the thumbs up and don’t forget to share the video 😉


Pacific Rim Official Wondercon Trailer (2013) – Guillermo del Toro Movie

Watch “Doctor Who – The 50th Anniversary BBC One Trailer” on YouTube

Poodles Playing King Of The Castle [Video]

Now I have to say that I uploaded the original video for this sometime back, but I recently noticed some editing options on YouTube, such as adding music, text and speech bubbles.

So I revamped the original video and I think it works a heck of a lot better with some music that really fits in with my two poodles playing King of the Castle, it has to be seen to be believed.

So please sit back and enjoy my poodles playing something we humans have been playing in the playground for years 😉

There you go I hope you enjoyed the video of the boys.

Please like the video and share it among your friends, I think these two little cheeky devils need to go viral, don’t you 😉