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Contacting Twitter Support is Like Getting Blood From a Stone!

Ah, the trials and tribulations of trying to make contact with Twitter, it’s probably easier building a time machine and taking a holiday through history, now really, it probably is!

Many of you reading this blog will know that I founded the Blazing Minds website back in 2008 along with this was the Twitter account, aptly named Blazing Minds as well, and other social networking accounts to tie in with the Award Winning website.

Almost nine weeks ago (during the typing of this post) I was told that my tweets weren’t appearing in the Twitter Timeline and this, in turn, led to tweets not being found when doing live events or tweet chats when using a hash tag.

Very strange, so I went through the channels with Twitter and contacted them via their help website and submitted a ticket.

A week went by and nothing, not even an automated email from them, then another week and another. On the fourth week, I contacted them again and submitted a request to them, still nothing.

I popped on to Twitter and contacted them via their @Support account, still nothing, time has dragged on and after several attempts and nine weeks later still nothing, no help, no response, nada!

Seriously folks is this any way to run a help service? I’ve been a Twitter user since the early days of Twitter and for them to not give a damn about someone that has been using and promoting them via the tweeting over the years is disgusting.

I did at one point manage to get in touch with someone at Twitter via their email, but sadly they wasn’t much help and replied with, “It’s the search algorithms that Twitter uses”, yeah right!

So what next with Twitter?

Well, there isn’t much I can do, I can keep trying to get some response from Twitter Support and hope that at some point they answer some of my tweets to them.



Twitter Trends – Are They Going A Bit Mad!


Its a thought that has crossed my mind several times and though it not really ground breaking news or something that will stop the world turning, it’s all still a little bizarre, I’m talking about the recent spate of Twitter Trends!

At one time I used to see some of the latest news terms coming up on my Twitter for iPhone in the Trends section, but now they just seem to be stupid trends and mainly things like hash tags that people are wasting their time with, that or Justin Bieber, sheesh!

So the question being, are Twitter Trends really worth any use these days?

Well strangely enough they are still useful in their own little way, you can use them to get you tweets seen by a bigger mass of tweeters, by using the Twitter Trends wisely!

If the top Twitter Trend looks interesting then tweet about it yourself or start a conversation with someone with a good following that has also been tweeting the trend, you’ll be surprised how much this not only helps your Klout score but also helps you gains a few more followers, so that can’t be bad 😉