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My North Wales Pride Photographs Get Published in the Bangor Mail

Absolutely over the moon today as some of the photographs that I took during Saturdays North Wales Pride event were used in the Bangor Mail, everyone’s support for my work is extremely appreciated and you know who you all are without me screaming and shouting at you all.

Suffice to say, this is a nice big step for me to have my photographs published in a newspaper and I’m loving it.

So thank you everyone and please like and share the post above, thanks everyone, you rock!!


Dexter Decides That It’s Not Fair!

So after a long day shopping today, I decided it was time to cook tonight’s tea, so out came all the ingredients for a rather tasty chicken curry.

At which point one of my dogs, came in to the kitchen and sat down behind me and started looking at me in a “You are going to give me some chicken aren’t you?” look.

Of cause I’ll save you some chicken, Dexter. I know he likes chicken and its his little treat.

But after cooking the meal and putting it on the table, it was so damn tasty that I just had to eat it all, suffice to say, little Dexter, gave me one of the looks, enough to say “You promised me some chicken!”.

Sorry Dexter, I’ll make it up to you 😉20120618-075759.jpg

Ooooo Pictures Just For a change

Just for fun I thought I would post up some photos I took with my iPhone yesterday, nothing really interesting but something for you all to have a discussion about anyway 😉 😉



Watch Those @Asda Price Labels

So there I was today doing my weekly shop at Asda on Llandudno when I noticed something pretty strange on one of their price labels for a Loreal product, imagine my surprise to see that the Loreal product works out at £999 per 100ml!

So I tweeted Asda and as yet I’ve had no response, I’ll update this post if I do get a response from them 😉


Wordless Wednesday – Where’s That Cat


A55 Accident! Blimey that was a close one!

Now this was a close one, there I was exiting the slip road on the way home, while sitting at the junction at the top of the slip road at Primrose Hill, I suddenly heard the screech of tyres, a sudden bang and the smell of burning rubber.

So I parked up on the top of the fly over and jumped out my car.

Good grief It looks like a lorry had gone smack bang into the back of a tractor carrying hay.

I do hope no one hurt, it sounded pretty bad and the look of the cabin on the lorry didn’t look very promising.

I’ll be checking our local news later and updating this post with any further information when and if it’s available.

A55 Accident #1

A55 Accident #2

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Wordless Wednesday – Seaview

Hey everyone, it’s another Wednesday so here’s my picture for today. This was taken last night with my trusty Blackberry at the Apollo Cinema in Rhyl. It’s the Seaview from the bar at the back of the cinema.

Happy Wordless Wednesday everyone 😉

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Hey There Cutie Pie!

Just had to post up this picture today, it’s of one of my dogs, caught in the moment.

After my dinner, little Dexter decided to jump up on my lap to see what I’d got for my pudding, but the Rum and Raisin ice cream was all mine 😆 😉

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Wordless Wednesday – Sky View

What a gorgeous evening for a BBQ and after stuffing myself silly, I lay on the garden to relax and watch the clouds go by 😉

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Hello Dum Dum!

While walking around the garden section at Homebase today, this garden statue just reminded me of the big Easter Island head that talks in the movie Night at the Museum

Larry: [on his second night at the museum] Morning, dumdum.

Easter Island Head: Me no dumdum. You dumdum. You bring me gum-gum?