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It Comes To Something When The Dogs Have A Domestic [video]

So there I was sitting in the my room reading a book, when I heard one of my dogs having a good bark, the first thing I thought was that someone was at the door, but it was the wrong type of bark!

What a view to wake up to! #pets #dogs #poodle

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So I looked around the corner of the door and I caught Tyley telling Dexter that he wanted the comfy bed!

What a right pair, but you’ve got to love them when they are in one of those cute moods 😉

Cosy Warm


Dexter Decides That It’s Not Fair!

So after a long day shopping today, I decided it was time to cook tonight’s tea, so out came all the ingredients for a rather tasty chicken curry.

At which point one of my dogs, came in to the kitchen and sat down behind me and started looking at me in a “You are going to give me some chicken aren’t you?” look.

Of cause I’ll save you some chicken, Dexter. I know he likes chicken and its his little treat.

But after cooking the meal and putting it on the table, it was so damn tasty that I just had to eat it all, suffice to say, little Dexter, gave me one of the looks, enough to say “You promised me some chicken!”.

Sorry Dexter, I’ll make it up to you 😉20120618-075759.jpg

My Two Poodles Get Picked For The Pedigree Joint Care+ Trials

Quick posts today, those of you who follow my Twitter may have seen that my two dogs, who now also have their own Twitter at @Terrible2Some, have been picked by Pedigree (@wearefordogs) to take part in the Joint Care+ trials.

The other week my dogs were sent a goody pack which included a back pack full of goodies and a HD video camera to film what they get up to over the six-week trial.

Suffice to say they both love the Joint Care+ sticks that they are on and I’ve already noticed a difference in their behaviour when it comes to playing and running around.


As you can see they are certainly active and love having fun, but, having one Joint Care+ a day just isn’t enough for Dexter and he always wants more, one’s enough though!!


Fireworks Go Bang And My Dogs Don’t Care!

Sparkler, violent reaction (guy fawkes)

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It’s this time of year that we have to think of our pets, with all the fireworks shooting in to the sky and exploding in a vast array of gorgeous colours and producing loud explosions that sound like cannons going off!

But for my two dogs they just don’t care, if anything they have been watching them in the sky!

It’s so funny seeing my two poodles sitting in the back garden in the dark, watching their little heads tipping to one side when the fireworks reach that inevitable point that they go “BOOM!”.

Not All Pets Like Fireworks!

But let’s all remember, not all pets have the same ideas about fireworks and some will run and shiver under a table or howl in fear as the loud bangs thunder through the dark November nights.

So I do hope that if you have any pets they have been OK this Guy Fawkes night and they have been looked after, just because they are indoors, doesn’t always mean that they are ok…