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Big Brother Returns! There Goes The Neighbourhood!!

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Big Brother is returning to our screens, but this time instead of Ch4 it will be on Channel 5, it will be starting with the celebrities entering the house and having their turn showing themselves up as has-been actors and those looking to try and possibly get their careers back on course!

Then The Public join the abomination!!!!

Then it will be the turn of the general public, where we will see more of lifes tragedies making complete idiots of themselves in the hope of winning that big money prize and fame at the end of the shows run.

But do we really need this abomination on our TV screens, I would have to say “No” there are plenty of other brilliant shows that may have never got of the ground and are still sitting in a cupboard somewhere in script form, just waiting to be taken on and made in to the a new TV series.
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