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Those of madness when my brain has dropped a gear and the insane side of the brain takes over for a moment!

I Hate These Moments Of Feeling Completely Down

So today is another one off those days where I’m feeling down in the dumps, yesterday wasn’t too bad, but then in brief moment last night in a turn of events, I went from enjoying my day to being quite depressed.

But thanks heavens for some good friends that always help me out when I have moments like these, someone to talk to is a lovely thing and it certainly helps bring you out of that point of a possible no return.

So here I am on a Tuesday afternoon, spending time in my favourite coffee house, Relax Coffee Lounge, drinking a Gingerbread Latte and spending time with my friends from the Lounge, who are kindly lifting my spirits.

I really hate it when I’m down like this and it probably all boils down to working hard, not getting paid for doing things and not getting one single bit of appreciation for all the work I do, which really doesn’t help matters.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, but when it comes to doing things for people, the ones that give you the most appreciation are those that know how hard you work and what it takes to keep going in the journalism side of things.

All the events I cover have always showed their appreciation and this my friends is why I love working for them and why I’m returning to several of them this year to cover and next year back over to the SciFi Weekender, because they are awesome to work with.

But things Arte going to have to change for my main website Blazing Minds, if people want me to work my arse off doing things, then I’m afraid there is going to have to be a fee involved, let’s face it I have to pay my own travel expenses, find free time and generally make time for anything. I do have a day job that pays, so freebies are going to have to stop.

Anyway, my Gingerbread Latte is getting cold, so I’m going to hit publish on this “rant” and finish my drink and my tasty biscuit.

Thanks for reading, I love you all 😉


Oh Damn You Insomina, Just Let Me Get Some Sleep!

Well it’s here again, that complete pain in the ass known as insomnia, after having a rather busy day and spending the afternoon and evening reviewing films, you’d think I would just crash out!

But no, I did feel quite tired when I got home, but it all must have been a rouse by my tired mind, shortly after cooking my tea, the tiredness just suddenly went and away and no matter how much I tried I just couldn’t get to sleep.

Even after a rather large mug of Horlicks, the insomnia has just stayed with me to the point where I’ve just watch the sender original version of Dawn of the Dead and I’m still not tired.

So now comes the problem of when will I get to sleep, it’s now 3:14am while I type this post out on my Nexus 7, the rain is lashing down on the roof and in the distance I can hear some thumpy music from some idiot who’s decided to have an all nighter!

My last resort now, in an attempt to get some sleep, is to read a book, it’s one of the few things that makes me drowsy while I’m in bed, failing that it’s done to a meditation technique that I earned some years back, so hopefully that’ll help.

So it’s over to you, the reader, now. What do you do if you can’t sleep at night? Do you have a technique or suggestion to get a good nights sleep?

If you do then please share it 😉


Oh yes, we are having a gorgeous summer, it’s wet! Gone have those days of sweltering summer days that I had as a child.

Not that it’s going to make a difference to me, I’m in work, but I’d you think about it what is it we are going to be complaining about with all the rain, it’s only rain after all.

But with all this rain lashing down on our roofs and running down our drains, we can be guaranteed one thing and one thing only next year, yes a hosepipe ban!

Make the most of the rain, go dancing naked in it and show the neighbours it’s fun.

Go on…. I dare you 😉

My mind has now become one with a lunatic

OK! My mind has now become one with a lunatic, which now means I am extremely tired!

So it’s now time for me to close my eyes, put my ear plugs in (damn seagulls have started squawking) and lull myself to sleep in the fetal position and rock myself to sleep.

My last words to you all before I drift on clouds and dreams are: ping kerplong whip whip towack boing boing kerplong…

Over Eager Zombie Waiting For Some Brains To Eat

You see the thing to know is that if I was now fast asleep at four in the morning I wouldn’t be typing this in like an over eager zombie waiting for some brains to eat.

But I’m not asleep and whence the ramblings of an over tired and wide eyed mad woman with the urge to eat a scotch egg!!