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My North Wales Pride Photographs Get Published in the Bangor Mail

Absolutely over the moon today as some of the photographs that I took during Saturdays North Wales Pride event were used in the Bangor Mail, everyone’s support for my work is extremely appreciated and you know who you all are without me screaming and shouting at you all.

Suffice to say, this is a nice big step for me to have my photographs published in a newspaper and I’m loving it.

So thank you everyone and please like and share the post above, thanks everyone, you rock!!


First the Nova then the Sun Centre now the Scala!

It certainly seems that Denbighshire Council are looking to kill entertainment in Rhyl and Prestatyn!


Not only have we lost the Sun Centre in Rhyl and the Nova in Prestatyn,, but it now seems that the entertainment killing council wants the Scala Cinema and Arts Centre closed!

Volunteers are being asked to help with keeping the Scala open in Denbighshire.

Three out of the four full time staff have have already been made redundant from the Scala in Prestatyn.

Denbighshire County Council had warned that the running of the Scala had to be more cost-effective for its subsidy to continue.

Job losses were regrettable but they had been left with little option – Chairman Rhiannon Hughes.

Now in my humble point of view and this is just my point of view, it seems that Denbighshire County Council are on a course of destroying any form of entertainment in the district.

With Rhyl getting a lot of bad press lately and the council not really giving a care about anything other than making money, it seems such a shame that yet another place of family fun has a rather bleak looking future under the current council.

It’s no wonder that Rhyl and Prestatyn are becoming a former shell of their former selves. So come on Denbighshire County Council, start to listen to the communities and see what they want and not what your pockets want!!!