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Christmas Day has gone and now it’s almost 2013

So Christmas Day has been and gone the massive build up since September had come to its head and the presents have been unwrapped, the for has been eaten and the world is slowly building up to the drunken blow out that is New Years Eve.

Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t a negative post to do with Christmas, I actually love it, the fun of seeing people rushing around and buying food they would never consider through the year and the drinks that a weathered drunk would get through in a week, never mind a day.

Let’s not forget what Christmas is about, it’s about
it family and getting together with them and with friends to celebrate our lobe for one another and how we appreciate what we all do for each other through the year.

Let’s also say thank you to those amazing friends that see you alone on Christmas and invite you round to share their family time and show you some Christmas spirit, just like my amazing friends did with me this Christmas.

So now that 2012 is slowly coming to an end, let’s take the time to think back on the year, your achievements, the goals you set and surpasses and those new friends you have made and those family members you may have lost.

Look forward to 2013 and say to yourself, “The world never came to an end o. 21/12/2012, so I’m going to make 2013 loads better than 2012”.



Oh yes, we are having a gorgeous summer, it’s wet! Gone have those days of sweltering summer days that I had as a child.

Not that it’s going to make a difference to me, I’m in work, but I’d you think about it what is it we are going to be complaining about with all the rain, it’s only rain after all.

But with all this rain lashing down on our roofs and running down our drains, we can be guaranteed one thing and one thing only next year, yes a hosepipe ban!

Make the most of the rain, go dancing naked in it and show the neighbours it’s fun.

Go on…. I dare you 😉

My mind has now become one with a lunatic

OK! My mind has now become one with a lunatic, which now means I am extremely tired!

So it’s now time for me to close my eyes, put my ear plugs in (damn seagulls have started squawking) and lull myself to sleep in the fetal position and rock myself to sleep.

My last words to you all before I drift on clouds and dreams are: ping kerplong whip whip towack boing boing kerplong…

Over Eager Zombie Waiting For Some Brains To Eat

You see the thing to know is that if I was now fast asleep at four in the morning I wouldn’t be typing this in like an over eager zombie waiting for some brains to eat.

But I’m not asleep and whence the ramblings of an over tired and wide eyed mad woman with the urge to eat a scotch egg!!

Dexter Decides That It’s Not Fair!

So after a long day shopping today, I decided it was time to cook tonight’s tea, so out came all the ingredients for a rather tasty chicken curry.

At which point one of my dogs, came in to the kitchen and sat down behind me and started looking at me in a “You are going to give me some chicken aren’t you?” look.

Of cause I’ll save you some chicken, Dexter. I know he likes chicken and its his little treat.

But after cooking the meal and putting it on the table, it was so damn tasty that I just had to eat it all, suffice to say, little Dexter, gave me one of the looks, enough to say “You promised me some chicken!”.

Sorry Dexter, I’ll make it up to you 😉20120618-075759.jpg

Never Lose The Wonder Of Your Inner-Child

Smiling can imply a sense of humour and a stat...

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People often say to me “Grow Up!” and though this is annoying and I can understand why people say this to me, my argument to the comment is, why should I!?

I’ve always been a big kid at heart and I think it’s this that has kept me going with a good sense of humour and a love for life in general, we’re only on this planet once, so why take everything so damn seriously.

It’s All A Bit Childish!

So what, I’m one of those people who will work in to a room and if everyone is a bit down or tha place just doesn’t seem fun, I’ll be the one that brings the smiles to people’s faces, childish! I don’t think so.

I know friends from school from years back that have “Grown Up” and wow their lives are so boring, they hardly have any fun and everything is just so serious, no wonder most of them are so depressed!

Release The Inner Child

The “Inner Child” is a wonderful thing to keep hold of and life is so much more fun, making the most out of bad situations, bringing smiles to the faces of others and generally just having harmless fun, as I mentioned earlier, we’re only here on this planet once.

Don’t get me wrong I can be serious as well, but not too serious, but life can be a little boring when everything is so serious.

So don’t be all serious all the time, lighten upand let that inner-child out to play every once in a while, you’ll be surprised how much more fun and happier your

life will be 😉