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Going Private For Dental Care is the Right Option

So quite a while back I wrote about a problem I had with a tooth that had to be removed due to an abscess on the root of the tooth and the problems that had led from that terrible day with an ill-fitting alternative that my dentist had made!

Since that day, it’s been nothing put a nightmare, not being able to eat properly and constantly having to keep a denture in with a load of denture fix, due to the fact that it’s never been fitted correctly in the first place, not even to mention the problems with the tooth that they chipped while trying to remove the denture when it was first fitted as it was so tight it had to be pried from my mouth.

With all these problems and many more, it’s been a bumpy road trying to get things sorted, then months and months down the line, I made a decision that is going to be an expensive one, but is the only option I have as the NHS dentist really isn’t helping with the problems that I have had since 2014, the decision was to go private!

Yes it is going to cost a fortune, but at least once the work is done I won’t have the atrocious problems that I am having now, now more not being able to chew food because my side teeth don’t touch when chewing, no more constant swallowing to force pressure on to the plate at the roof of my mouth to keep it in place, which is horrible when you are talking to people and no more being terrified that at any moment the stupid denture will just fall out for now other reason that  it’s been incorrectly made!

The option I have taken for the private dental work is an implant which is used to support one or more false teeth. It is a titanium screw that can replace the root of a tooth when it fails. Just like a tooth root, it is placed into the jawbone.

Dental Implant

An 3D X Ray of my jaw and where the Dental Implant will be placed

I do have to say that I am a little nervous about having the work done, after all it is something that I have had to carefully think about before going ahead with it, but after getting in touch with a dentist that I used to have many years ago and finding out that he now has a private practise I was set at ease.

Willows Dental in St Asaph is perfect for me, it’s only down the road for me, I had my first consultation with them last month and after looking over my teeth and taking lots of measurements and casts of my teeth, it was down to discussing what should be done for me to get rid of this awful denture.

The other day, I met up with Dr David Lee at the practice and discussed the work for the implant, he set me at ease with explaining how it would be done, the after care and so much more. So, in July the work will start for my implant for a nice new tooth and my bottom teeth which will also be sorted out as well, this is great, never got any of this great advice from my other dentist!

So suffice to say, I’m now both excited and nervous about the day, but it’s all good, although it is going to cost me a bit of money, it’s worth it to be able to not have any more embarrassing problems with a denture that has never been fitted right since day one!

Wish me luck folks 😉


Looks Like Yet Another Trip to the Dentist!

Dentist Chair

It does get to that point where you just throw your hands up in the air and shout “WHYYYYYYY!” and this is one of those moments.

So yet again it has got to the point where it’s time to grab the phone and make that call to the dentists, this time their rather slap handed and mediocre repair job, just hasn’t worked!

Last time I nearly choked while driving my car, as the tooth that was replacing the one I had removed due to an abscess snapped off while swallowing, yes swallowing!

Now the complete plate has developed a crack that is getting bigger and bigger, I’m now getting to the point that I’m just slowly starting to give up on the dentist and the complete botched up work that they seem to be doing.

At a cost of £177 for a job done that is a complete failure, is their any hope ever getting it all sorted!

So now it’s going to be another trip to the dentist, when I can get in, appointments are tough to get and specially when you are always working like I am, being self-employed it’s a problem taking time off, now work, no pay!

The other problem being that if they send the tooth off, again, then I’ll be toothless for a couple of events that I’m covering, oh the joy of it all, bloody dentist.

But there aren’t really any other options, I am hoping to go for an implanted tooth in August, but this is a pricey thing to have done and it has to be done privately as the NHS dentists won’t do this type of dentistry, so again, more money to fork out!

So the fight goes on with shoddy workmanship and dentists that don’t really seem to care much these days, well except for the money they are getting paid to completely frak up your teeth.

OH well, onward and upward I suppose!

Do Doctors Actually Have a Clue?


Yes I’m moaning again, what’s new there though 😉

Picture the moment that you are taking pills throughout your life and they are extremely important to your life, then you start getting near the end of your current prescription, so what do you do, you pop in to pick up your next lot of tablets.

You arrive at the chemist only to be told that they don’t have them! Shock, so you work with the chemist to sort out the problem of the lack of tablets.

The stumbling block in the situation is down to the doctors surgery, your doctor has moved away and you are given a new doctor, who quite frankly hasn’t got a clue on what he is doing and your long history from your very large notes!

After trying and failing to contact the surgery you finally get that call one morning with a snotty message on your mobile phone to call the surgery, then be for you can phone them, they phone you on the house phone!

“You can’t have your tablets, you’ve had some in January and you had 6 months!”

No you idiots! It’s two a day not one a day, so half the time, that’s 3 months and I had them in February, good grief, do these people have no idea what they are doing!

So now I have a problem, tablets run out on Friday and according to the planks at the surgery, I’m not due any until August!!

Now it’s another waiting game, as I wait to see what happens next, I’ve been told, “I’ll put the prescription back in again”, so hopefully it will be done right this time.

I have to say that the NHS is getting worse with the service that it, attempts, to offer, there are no end of problems trying to contact the doctors and get appointments, you start phoning for an appointment and it becomes a lottery to getting through to see someone.

The same goes for dentists, those of you who have seen my posts about dentists will now I’ve also had problems with them as well, with ill fittings, cracked teeth and so much more, so where is the NHS going!

Quite frankly it seems to be going down the shit pan! Over the last few years it has got worse, many years ago I could see the way it was going and went private as the waiting lists and help was of Jo use whatsoever!

I’m just hoping now that these cock ups in the doctors can get sorted and that I don’t have to suffer with a lack of prescription after Friday, we will see, but for now, I have my fingers crossed to see what happens next.

Over to you!

Have you had problems with getting appointments or the doctors making a hash up of your prescription etc? Let me know your thoughts

Dentists and Teeth, They’re No Chocking Matter

Dentists and Teeth are two things that seem to be the bane of my life these days and yesterday, I had more issues!!

So there I was driving along in the car on the way in to Rhyl just a normal Saturday, or so I thought, when I did what most of us do swallow, a normal human thing to do, or was it!

My Life Before My Eyes!!

As I swallowed, I felt the tooth making its way down the back of my throat, not just any ordinary tooth, but the one from the plate I had to have made after having a my real tooth removed that had an abyss!!

The almost razor sharp on the tooth starting ripping its way down my throat, in a complete coughing and choking frenzy, I tried to cough the tooth back up, in the process of almost chocking to death, I nearly went straight in to the back of a lorry.

But luckily, I managed to cough the tooth up, just as I had slammed the breaks on and the tooth shot out and bounced off my dashboard!

And The Dental Quest Continues!!

So yet again, my dear mouth has got that awful gap in the teeth again, heaven nows how long it is going to take to get a new plate made and when I will be back with tooth!

Suffice to say there is no way that I will be forking out another £177 for the work to be done, all this mucking about with visits to the dentist with problem after problem had taken a toll on my patience and my bank balance.

Now it is a case of getting in to the dentist, again, and making some major complaints about the crap service and workmanship that has gone in to the work completed by them.

I will keep you all posted on this one andi do hope that I can get something sorted out and finally be able to smile again with a full set of gnashers!!!!

Dentists! They Love To Inflict Great Pain During and After!

So there I was having a problem with a crown on my tooth, what could I do with this troublesome piece of porcelain! It was time for a trip to the … dun dun durrrrr .. The Dentists!

I booked myself in and has the crown, which had now completely broke with the tooth inside, glued back in to place, so that I wouldn’t have trouble pronouncing the letters “S” and “F”.

Success! Or so I thought

Six days after visiting, it came off again, so it was time to make another appointment, I managed o get myself one pretty quickly and thought to myself that this would be sorted out.

Sadly though tooth and crown couldn’t be reattached, so now it was time for an extraction!!!!

Oh great, perfect, could things get any worse? Yes they could!

I had a mould done of my teeth and was booked in for the extraction, then the clincher, for a denture, for one tooth and the extraction it would cost £177!!!

But even worse I was told I could have an implant, but that would be in the thousands!!!!

So I opted for the denture, a decision that I have now come to regret, not only for the cost, but the uncomfortable fitting and lack of being able to eat properly.

I now have the roof of my mouth inflamed, I can’t chew properly as my bottom teeth clash on the plastic that stretches right of the roof of my mouth and to top it all, the damn thing won’t come out of my mouth.

As hard as I try, it just won’t budge, suffice to say, I am now eating either rice pudding or liquidising my food! Seriously, what the frak is going on with the dentists these days, are they only in it for the money and not the health of those they are supposedly helping!

So What Next?

Now that is the big question, it now seems that I’m going to have to pay another visit to the dentist and to be abused by their complete lack of care for someone who has gone to them for help.

Most probably they will try to screw me out of even more money to line their pockets with my heard earned wages, yes I work hard, almost a weeks wages for a tooth to be pulled is ridiculous!

Looks like by the time all this mucking about with the dentist is over I’m going to need a bank loan or a sugar daddy to help me!!!

I Am Not Winking At You I Have Facial Myokymia

So it was a trip to the doctors today to find out why my left eye was twitching and winking, thankfully the news was from the doctor was that it’s nothing too serious

20130411-120632 PM.jpg

I Have Facial Myokymia

So as I mentioned earlier it’s nothing overly serious, it’s just a twitch that develops from the stress, overworking, eye strain and several other things that can trigger the twitches.

Great news that it’s nothing serious, as I was really worried when I popped in to the doctors this morning, with my mind racing that it was something that was a major problem.

Facial Myokymia can last for up to 3 weeks, so I’ll be twitching in my eye and winking at people for just a little longer, unless my stress reduces them it would be in less time.

My other issue is my stutter which is also brought on by stress, thankfully a lot of people haven’t heard it, as I can control it quite well, but when I am totally stressed it does rear its ugly head, but hey ho one step at a time.

I Hate These Moments Of Feeling Completely Down

So today is another one off those days where I’m feeling down in the dumps, yesterday wasn’t too bad, but then in brief moment last night in a turn of events, I went from enjoying my day to being quite depressed.

But thanks heavens for some good friends that always help me out when I have moments like these, someone to talk to is a lovely thing and it certainly helps bring you out of that point of a possible no return.

So here I am on a Tuesday afternoon, spending time in my favourite coffee house, Relax Coffee Lounge, drinking a Gingerbread Latte and spending time with my friends from the Lounge, who are kindly lifting my spirits.

I really hate it when I’m down like this and it probably all boils down to working hard, not getting paid for doing things and not getting one single bit of appreciation for all the work I do, which really doesn’t help matters.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, but when it comes to doing things for people, the ones that give you the most appreciation are those that know how hard you work and what it takes to keep going in the journalism side of things.

All the events I cover have always showed their appreciation and this my friends is why I love working for them and why I’m returning to several of them this year to cover and next year back over to the SciFi Weekender, because they are awesome to work with.

But things Arte going to have to change for my main website Blazing Minds, if people want me to work my arse off doing things, then I’m afraid there is going to have to be a fee involved, let’s face it I have to pay my own travel expenses, find free time and generally make time for anything. I do have a day job that pays, so freebies are going to have to stop.

Anyway, my Gingerbread Latte is getting cold, so I’m going to hit publish on this “rant” and finish my drink and my tasty biscuit.

Thanks for reading, I love you all 😉

Blazing Minds And Friends Are Walking Up Snowdon For Charity


Snowdon (Photo credit: Mark Taggart)

Hi everyone, just a short blog post for you all with some information on something that myself and friends are doing for Charity.

Walking Up Snowdon For Charity

On the 8th September 2012 we will be walking up Snowdon to raise money for the Abandoned Animals Association and we would love everyone to please help us out by donating whatever they can so we can raise loads for our furry friends.

I’ve posted up about the walk on my official blog over at Blazing Minds and we also have an official page for the walk on FaceBook, “Blazing Minds Snowdon Charity Walk“.

Both the blog and the Facebook page will allow you to make donations no matter how big or small, so every little will help us raise as much as we can.

Thank you everyone for your support and for your kindness in helping us on our sponsored walk up Snowdon.

80+ Hours Without Sleep. What A Nightmare!

What a complete nightmare I have had recently, not only have such awful weather here in Wales lately, but I’ve also had a complete lack of sleep! And all this was due to the weather.

So over the last few days the winds have been so bad that they have keeping me awake. Not only just from the noise that the wind has been making but also a fear that the 80-100mph winds would lift off the conservatory roof.

Due to these factors I got to the point of having over 80 hours without sleep, not a bit, not even 5 mins here and there and it was really showing in my ability to do things, clumsiness was a main problem and a complete lack of coordination, what a compete nightmare, luckily though no hallucinating due to the lack of sleep!

This is new to me I have had longer periods without sleep but those have been during time of work so they weren’t so bad, being in work as well just doesn’t help the situation and has. Are in ten times worse!

But It Has Come To A End

Yesterday the winds started to slack off a little and last mitt they weren’t so bad and it gave me. Chance to relax and not worry about the food of the conservatory lifting off. So last night I managed to get just over 10 hours of much-needed sleep.

Funny thing is though, when I woke up after my 10 hours of sleep I was more knackered than I usually am, but after a coffee and some breakfast I was ready for the world, typical on my day off 😆

So today I’ve popped into town and am now typing this post out on my iPhone using the WordPress app at my favourite haunt, the Apollo Cinema 😉 Love the Cost coffee here 😉

Now hopefully I can get another good nights sleep tonight as well 😉


The Case Of The Mysterious Cracking Tooth!

If you do follow me on Facebook you will have seen the horrific picture that I posted up yesterday of my tooth/crown that had been removed by a harmless cheese sandwich!

Some time back the same tooth had given me so much pain that I had to have a root canal to take away the pain as the nerve ending were dying and were shouting out in their last moment of life!

How Did This All Start?

Some years back as a child I was harmlessly playing with friends in the school playground in the snow, sliding on the ice and generally have a damn good laugh, when a teacher decided to throw grit on the skid patch as I was going along it, which caused me to go flying straight in to a brick wall.

This in turn cracked off the bottom half of my tooth and I ended up with  a crown, which lasted years before it was replaced with a more realistic adult crown in my teens.

So What Happened?

It seems that the root canal that I had to have weekend the already frail tooth underneath the crown and it’s this that “Snapped!” leaving me with an unsightly gap in my front teeth. So today I visited my dentist and was prepared for the worse!

But never fear, I have a great dentist and even though the remaining tooth was just in the gum-line, my dentist was able to screw in a metal post and then cement the crown on.


I now have my tooth back in place and thankfully, no lisp. It’s after something like this happens that you realise how many letters and words you say by putting your tongue behind your top teeth, when you have no tooth there it makes it all the harder to try to say things that we would normally take for granted.