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Join The Great Seagull Discussion on Twitter!

Ok folks, not much to write on this one, but at the moment the Blazing Minds Twitter is having a discussion about the Seagulls in North Wales around Prestatyn, Rhyl, Kinmel Bay, Towyn, Pensarn and Abergele.

Over the last few years the population of gulls has increased and along with the increase there have been far more attacks on people who are just minding their own business.

So I tweeted out the call to tweeps to get involved with the hash tag #SeagullWatchNWales.

If you live in any of the above mentioned towns or near by and would like join in, then check out the tweet below and remember to use the hash tag #SeagullWatchNWales.

Please remember some of your tweets may be used in the full article on the Blazing Minds website.


Don’t Let The Small Towns Like Rhyl Die A Horrible Death!

A little bit of inspiration today, as I’m sitting here in Relax Coffee Lounge in Rhyl, I can see yet another closed shop!

It seems such a wicked shame that shops in this once wonderful seaside town are slowly, but surely, closing down, leaving the town in a state of becoming a ghost town.

With the upcoming completion of the shopping centre in nearby Prestatyn, the final nail may well and truly be in Rhyl’s coffin.

So what are the plans to save Rhyl from its own desolation, well according to Denbighshire County Council, the solution is to convert a night club to a hotel, seriously!

Something Rhyl doesn’t need is a hotel, with all the bed and breakfast places and the mass amount of caravan parks along the coastline the need for another place to stay isn’t needed.

In my humble point of view, what Rhyl needs is entertainment, at one time Rhyl had a fun fair and let’s face it, with a good bit of a revamp the fun fair would have been brilliant, Blackpool have had theirs for years and it’s always worked for them, but instead the decision was made to remove the fum fair!

Yes we have have the cinema revamped and it does pull in more more people for the 3D, superb sound, brilliant picture and great staff, but the cinema alone won’t bring in more people, sadly.

Rhyl has also attempted to add a market to the high street, but it is awful, instead of having a market of local produce etc. Instead the market is full of cheap tat, such as DVDs, imported cheap toys that probably have safety issues.

With shops such as Marks and Spencers, Next to name but two that are moving to Prestatyn and Poundland moving in to the premises of Marks and Spencers, the fate of Rhyl is really in the balance!

We need to get Denbighshire County Council to get off their arses and make good decisions for the town and not give up, with the right entertainment and having a market that brings in the local people to show their local made foods and products such as wood carvings etc, a bit like a “German” market, the town could be saved.

Get rid of the shops selling crap and show the big companies that Rhyl does have a future for success, not as a dole capital for people to come to and doss on the streets, let’s try and take Rhyl back to being a seaside town we can all be proud of.

Christmas Time, Hard Work, Teddy Bears and Being A Publicist!

Hey everyone, yes I know it’s been a while since I posted up here on my ponderings blog, but I thought it would be great to post up today, Christmas Eve, and you all know what I’ve been up to since my last blog post.

Christmas Time And Hard Work

So yes it’s Christmas Eve and as per usual I haven’t stopped working, I’ve still been reviewing films for my official blog, Blazing Minds, as well as being on the radio at Point FM giving listeners the chance to win tickets for the films. But it’s all go for me, OK I may have a couple of days off 😉

Teddy Bears!

Yep you read that heading above right, “Teddy Bears”, with the recent flood that hi St Asaph, which isn’t far from where I live, I was out and about doing my bit to bring people the news of the flood and as the River Elwy was racing through the village of Rhuddlan, down the road from St Asaph, I saw a Teddy Bear racing down the river.

Build A Bear

My first thoughts were that some little girl or boy has lost their furry friend in the devastation  so, I got in touch with Build-A-Bear and asked if they would like to help some of the children, they said yes and donated 10 Build-A-Bears to Blazing Minds to give to 10 children who have lost things in the flood.

So I’ve been giving the bears away to the kids of St Aspah, radio station Heart heard about what I was doing and interviewed me about it and the Daily Post newspaper has also done some photos and an article about me and the bears 😉

New Work As A Publicist

As you can see I never stop and have now become, not only a on-line journalist and blogger, but have become a publicist, I’ve been working with my good friend Lee for a while and we are now working with Internationally Renowned Medium Tracy Poskitt, Lee is her manager and I’m her publicist.

Suffice to say I love it, it’s everything that I enjoy doing and more, we put on our first event with Tracy Poskitt some weeks back and it was a success and it was a sell out event for Tracy Poskitt.

I’ve even started work on the official Tracy Poskitt website and it’s going very well at the moment.

An Awesome End To 2012

2012 had a bit of a slow start, but my popularity across the Internet as grown, my website, Blazing Minds, has rocketed , my Twitter @BlazingMinds has become more popular and life is getting even better. So I’m really looking forward to 2013 as I can see that it’s going to just get better as the years rolls on 😉

Good Morning World, How The Heck Are Ya!


Wales (Photo credit: formalfallacy @ Dublin (Victor))

Another day and another dollar, so the saying goes, but enough of all that, it is another day and I’ve been surprised to see a rather large glowing disk in the sky, a rarity in these parts these days. But looking North there are some black clouds rolling in, time for the rain again!

It certainly seems that our summer in Wales is becoming wetter every year, gone have those days of playing on the beaches in the sun, now it’s a case of sitting in a cafe looking over the beaches and drying off the umbrella-ela-ela while trying to keep warm.

But hey ho, it’s all part of the fun of the world we live in, the seasons haven’t a clue what they are doing, we haven’t a clue what to wear (summer or winter) and generally whatever we wear it’s the wrong thing for the weather as it changes!

So good morning world and thanks for having us staying for a while, but please can you make the weather a little more friendly from time to time, we do love you, even though some abuse you.