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Taking some time off to recuperate my mind!

Many of you that read my work over on Blazing Minds, will know how much I work my arse off on the website and how much everything not only takes up a lot of my time but also plays havoc with my health and well-being.

So I’ve decided to take a little time off, not 100%, but enough to try to recuperate some of my mental health from all the stress that doing the majority of the work myself, it’s hard to keep on top of everything and stress at home doesn;t really help with the situations that I’m being put through.

Since starting Blazing Minds back in 2008, it’s been a long and arduous road with many up and downs, the stress of running a site can be overwhelming and keeping everything updated is even more stressful, unlike the big companies/blogs out there, it’s mainly me that is doing the web work, the design, the reviewing, heading to the theatres, cinemas and events to bring the readers of the site new articles.

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As you can image, I do need some downtime from time to time, so for starters I’m taking a break from social media for a while and will also not be posting up as much as I do on the blog at Blazing Minds, this is again down to stress levels, watching a stack of movies is time consuming and the majority of the time I’m going into the early hours of the morning watching and writing, which is not healthy!

But don’t worry the site is going, I’m just taking some well-deserved “me” time to try and recharge my mental batteries!

Thank you so much to everyone for your continued support.


Voting has Stared in the #UKBA16 @UKBlogAwards

You may have seen me post on Twitter etc recently that Blazing Minds is up for an award in the UK Blog Awards 2016 and I’m very excited that the website is nominated again.

Some of you may remember that I won in the Individual Events category last year and brought home an award not just for myself and the blog, but also for North Wales.

It with great pleasure that I can say that Blazing Minds is nominated again for the UK Blog Awards 2016 in the Arts and Culture and Events categories, voting has now started and will go on until the 25th January at 9pm.

It would be pretty awesome if all of you could vote for Blazing Minds and of course tell all your friends to help out by voting for the website as well, the more the merrier.


View Original Post or you can Vote Here for Blazing Minds.

I Now have an Official Facebook Page

So today, I took the decision to grab myself my Official Facebook Page, you can see it in the side bar already here on Life’s Challenges.

The decision was made because, I really wanted to keep my personal profile, well, personal and I did want something else for the other public stuff, so hence the Official Karen Woodham Facebook Page!

This will now allow me to post up other stuff that is more for the public view than the personal view, for events that I may be attending that people may be interested in and much more.

Don’t worry the Blazing Minds Page is still going to be the same as it has always been, but this new profile, gives me the chance to post more human that just for Blazing Minds.

So please stop on by and follow the new page, see you there.

Blazing Minds Facebook Top Posts This Week

What a brilliant week it’s been and I’m only just coming down from the excitement of the celebrations that I had with friends to celebrate 6 years of the Blazing Minds website and for me finally getting my official Press Card.

So today I thought I would take a little time out to bring you some of the popular posts from the Blazing Minds Official Facebook page as well as some of the articles that have done well over on Blazing Minds.

OK let’s start of with some of the Facebook updates that have been popular recently.

Our Birthday Celebrations

An Attempt to find the Rhyl Jedi

The Tour of Britain as Cyclists Raced Through St Asaph

More Party Photos From Hickorys

Top Tweets from the @BlazingMinds Twitter


The NEW Blazing Minds Giveaway

Hey folks, as a lot of you know I also founded and run the website, Blazing Minds, an entertainment website that in the last 6 years or so has built a massive following and is regarded as one of the key websites for the reviews that it publishes and also for the coverage that it gives to events around the country.

Enter to Win a Moth of Advertising on Blazing Minds

Anyway, a new giveaway has just started on the website and it gives the winner a chance of getting their website seen with a Month of FREE Advertising on the Blazing Minds website, now how cool is that.

The competition is being run over on the Blazing Minds Facebook page and entering it couldn’t be easier. So if you have a blog, small business or a blog, stop on by and get entering the giveaway now and you could be the lucky winner of a month of advertising on Blazing MInds

WOW! StumbleUpon Proves Its Worth Again!

So the other day over on Blazing Minds I posted up the news of the new Mad Max movie and it contained the Comic Con Footage.

Suffice to say the after the article was submitted to StumbleUpon it took off completely with the website getting thousands of more hits than usual.

If you haven’t been over to Blazing Minds and seen what all the fuss is then pop on over and check out the Mad Max footage, its brilliant and well worth it, don’t forget to share it with the social buttons over on the site 😉 😉

Always good to have a rather early blog spring clean

So the other day, I was reading about the many ways of having a spring clean on your blog, so I decided to spend a few hours over at Blazing Minds and have a spring clean of my own!

So after sifting through thousands of articles that were either completely outdated or weren’t getting visits, I deleted them from the blog.

And with the news that Guest Posts are getting a bit of dirty press, specially those ones from groups that add links that have been added by companies, I went with a complete flush of those as well.

Has It Made A Difference To Blazing Minds?

Well to be honest several factors have come in to play on my website, I’ve been adding NoFollow to links, specially banners, after a friend of mine mentioned he’d been slapped by Google for having DoFollow banners!

So the changes I made with the use of a WordPress Plugin called External Links, which allows me to add “NoFollow” and open all external pages in a new tab/window, have made an improvement in the traffic etc., which is always a good sign!

Also, I have noticed a change in traffic and the search engines after removing articles that are outdated and ones that were guest posts with blatant keyword links URLs.

So now, it’s just a case of seeing how this affects the website over a longer period of time, hopefully with me taking back Blazing Minds to what it was before someone said, “accept guest posts, they’re great for your site!“, a site for entertainment and reviews, which is what people are finding the site for now anyway, just like they used to.

I adopted the NoFollow rule for the sister site, Ask The Usher, when I started that in January and it has proved that it works, with the site getting lots of hits and people finding it and using it as what it was intended for.

So there you have it folks, remember be careful what you link to and make sure your banners are NoFollow!!!!!

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Good Grief, Stumbleupon Has Sent My Post Viral!!!

Hi everyone, just a short update on my ponderings blog today, so much to do and so little time to do it in!

Anywho, bit of a mad couple of days on my Entertainment Website Blazing Minds, with it getting a massive influx from Stumble upon, but not just on one article, but also on quite a few others in the archives.

But one article has had the flood gates opened on it and it’s one that In wrote in May 2013 about a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Latte that I challenge my barista friend to make.

May be it’s because there article has the recipe or even it’s the crazy picture of the drink that is causing a flood of visitors, I’m not sure.

But it seems that other archive posts are getting a refreshing amount of traffic as well and not just from Stumbleupon, Facebook is also pushing a lot of traffic my way as well, crazy!

Oh well, I’m not complaining, stop by yourself and take a look at what all the fuss is about and don’t forget to comment, I love nice comments here and on my other site 😉

Creating a New Sister Site for Blazing Minds

So has some of you may have recently read over on my main website, Blazing Minds, I’ve worked pretty hard lately and have had A Week of Exclusive News, Author Interviews so much more, with some fantastic interviews with some great authors and there are more on the way.

Not only have I had and are still doing some great Author Interviews, I was lucky enough to break the Exclusive News of the band Straight Jacket Legends signing a new Record Deal.

But I have decided with my photographer that works with me at all the big events that we cover to expand out a little further with a sister website for Blazing Minds.

Now don’t worry the sister site will not be taking over from Blazing Minds, it will be working with it quite closely, the reviews will still be where they are now and I’ll still be doing everything with Blazing Minds that I’m doing now, so nothing will change there.

The new site is just going to be opening up some new doors on the entertainment side, I’ve already set up a new Twitter, @AskTheUsher, to coincide with the new site and I would love you all to start follow it for updates on how it is going and for news on the launch of the new site.

I don’t really want to give too much away about the site at the moment, but by following the Twitter you will get all the news as it comes in, I am hoping that all my loyal follwers of @BlazingMinds will follow the new twitter and once the new site is launched they will all help promote it.

So thanks for all your support with Blazing Minds and I do hope that you will all support the new sister site as well, it’s going to be something special and something that I know you will all love.

So until, the next update, ciao for now.

Main Website Issues!

Hi folks, I’ve moved over to my “back up” blog for this rather important post for you all to get updated with.

It appears that after the shenanigans of the plugin issue last month on “Blazing Minds“, the site is yet again having some problems.

The site is very slow and is not loading pages. The CPU usage has also took a right panning with it often topping out!

I’#m really not sure what is causing the issues, plugins have been removed and the database has been optimized, so for now, there isn’t much that I can actually do, it’s now in the hands of the support team.

I will keep you posted via this blog, with any updates on how the site is going, hopefully it can be resolved and Blazing Minds will be back on its feet very soon.

For further updates you can also follow my Twitter @BlazingMinds as well as subscribe to this blog.

Thanks for your support everyone 😉


The website is back on a new server and is faster than ever before, it also appeared it was under attack and this has also been taken care of!