The Laws of Blogging: Promotional Content

Tips & Hints

Non-disclosure of paid commercial content is considered illegal under Consumer Protection law. In both the UK and US, efforts are being made to step-up enforcement.

In the UK, this enforcement is upheld by the Competition and Markets Authority (CAM), whilst in the US it’s upheld by the Federal Trade Commission.

The UK’s Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) ‘Code of Conduct’ aims to help both practitioners and influencers navigate the murky world of promoted posts.

The Facts

The issue addressed by all of these bodies is that of disclosure; ensuring that audiences can easily distinguish paid content from owned content.

Paid Content – Typically paid content will take the form of advertising, sponsorship or ‘in kind’…

Advertising = A brand / business assumes complete editorial control in return for payment

Sponsorship = A brand / business assumes partial editorial control in return for payment

In Kind = A brand…

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About Karen Woodham

Karen is the founder and owner of the Blazing Minds blog an avid blogger of all sorts of interesting and odd things. She is also the Scala Cinema Film Reviewer, where she reviews the latest movies and is a bit of a local celebrity and a new generation of on-line journalist. Karen won the individual events in the National UK Blog Awards in 2015 and is listed at No.3 in the TOP 10 UK Film blogs.

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