Nostalgic photos of Chester station feature at Llangollen Spring Steam Gala

We Are Chester

img_6250 Llangollen Railway   Photo: Angela Ferguson

We Are Chester’s Sophie Francis tells us about an event happening at Llangollen Railway this weekend, including some fascinating photos of Chester Station back in the 1960s. Photos of Llangollen Railway courtesy of Angela Ferguson.

Llangollen Railway will be playing host to a number of guest engines during their annual Spring Steam Gala – Along Birkenhead lines – this weekend.

The locomotives featured tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday have been chosen specifically to represent classes of engines that would have run on the Great Western Railways Northern Trunk Route.

This year marks 50 years since the end of the Paddington to Woodside Express service.

Chester City was an important junction on the GWR northern route to Birkenhead. During the gala the railway will be displaying photographs of Chester Station during the 60s.

A long lost steam locomotive which spent its final days around Birkenhead 50…

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