We Are Chester meets: actor & writer Ian Puleston-Davies

We Are Chester

IMG_8095 Ian Puleston-Davies Photo: Angela Ferguson

It’s not every day that you get to meet an actor and writer who is recognised across the land and indeed across a number of other lands, including Canada and New Zealand.

We Are Chester chat to Chester-based actor Ian Puleston-Davies about his current and future projects and what he thinks of the place he calls home.

Ian, who was born and brought up in North Wales, is well known for playing a dazzling range of on screen roles, the latest of which saw him play a multiple murder suspect in ITV crime drama Marcella.

King Thistle

Other roles have ranged from builder Owen Armstrong in Coronation Street and Lagrathorn in ITV costume drama Beowulf to the slightly surreal role of the voice of King Thistle in children’s show Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.

He’ll be on our screens again later this year with detective drama Maigret and he’ll also be jetting…

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