Do Doctors Actually Have a Clue?


Yes I’m moaning again, what’s new there though 😉

Picture the moment that you are taking pills throughout your life and they are extremely important to your life, then you start getting near the end of your current prescription, so what do you do, you pop in to pick up your next lot of tablets.

You arrive at the chemist only to be told that they don’t have them! Shock, so you work with the chemist to sort out the problem of the lack of tablets.

The stumbling block in the situation is down to the doctors surgery, your doctor has moved away and you are given a new doctor, who quite frankly hasn’t got a clue on what he is doing and your long history from your very large notes!

After trying and failing to contact the surgery you finally get that call one morning with a snotty message on your mobile phone to call the surgery, then be for you can phone them, they phone you on the house phone!

“You can’t have your tablets, you’ve had some in January and you had 6 months!”

No you idiots! It’s two a day not one a day, so half the time, that’s 3 months and I had them in February, good grief, do these people have no idea what they are doing!

So now I have a problem, tablets run out on Friday and according to the planks at the surgery, I’m not due any until August!!

Now it’s another waiting game, as I wait to see what happens next, I’ve been told, “I’ll put the prescription back in again”, so hopefully it will be done right this time.

I have to say that the NHS is getting worse with the service that it, attempts, to offer, there are no end of problems trying to contact the doctors and get appointments, you start phoning for an appointment and it becomes a lottery to getting through to see someone.

The same goes for dentists, those of you who have seen my posts about dentists will now I’ve also had problems with them as well, with ill fittings, cracked teeth and so much more, so where is the NHS going!

Quite frankly it seems to be going down the shit pan! Over the last few years it has got worse, many years ago I could see the way it was going and went private as the waiting lists and help was of Jo use whatsoever!

I’m just hoping now that these cock ups in the doctors can get sorted and that I don’t have to suffer with a lack of prescription after Friday, we will see, but for now, I have my fingers crossed to see what happens next.

Over to you!

Have you had problems with getting appointments or the doctors making a hash up of your prescription etc? Let me know your thoughts


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  1. I can relate. My long term doctor left the practice and I was assigned a different one. He is very cautious and won’t simply continue the prescriptions I have taken for several years. I know they have to be careful but the way the system is, he has so many patients, he hasn’t the time to sit down and analyze the long list of notes. I long for the old days when doctors could sit with you for more than 10 minutes. Well, I guess what we have is what we have. I am in American BTW and after much hassle, I do have the prescriptions I need. My fear now is when this doctor retires or just leaves the practice, UGH.

    • Thanks Damien, for stopping by, I hope I can get mine sorted out shortly, I did finally get my prescription, but now I have to try and sort out why he did add a repeat to it!!!

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