It Was At That Moment, I Knew I Had Real Friends

It’s days like these that really give you a sense of well-being, that moment when you know that the friends that you have are so kind and considerate that it brings a lump in your throat and a tear to your eyes.

Hop To It!

So today was a little bit of a mad rush for me, I went in to work an hour early, so that I could finish early and meet up with some friends for a rather late lunch, a kind of pre-birthday lunch.

I got changed and popped in to town and met up with my good friends Yasmin, Sue and Catherine in our local Costa and to my surprise the three of them had each got me cards and presents for my birthday and a balloon with 21 on it 😆

Friends Will Be Friends

Now I don’t show my emotions, its the way that I’ve always been since I was a child, but believe me, I wasn’t expecting anything, for me I was just meeting up for a late lunch and catching up with everyone.

Suffice to say if I could have burst out crying there and then I would have, it’s moments like these that you realise that you have such wonderful and caring friends that take you for the slight fruit loob that you are 😆 😉

Off we went to our late lunch at Wetherspoons and a while I was at the bar ordering my meal my other friends Toni and Jamie turned up and with them little baby Stevie (awww she’s so cute).

What an amazing afternoon and such a wonderful way of finishing my working week, by being able to spend the afternoon with my wonderful friends, I love you guys 😉



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  1. I wondered where you’d disappeared to today, glad you had a wonderful time, Yas is very nice, she looked after me last Christmas 😉

  2. Happy Birthday! Don’t think of it as getting older. You’re aging to reflect your unique attributes as a longer term vintage.

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