A55 Accident! Blimey that was a close one!

Now this was a close one, there I was exiting the slip road on the way home, while sitting at the junction at the top of the slip road at Primrose Hill, I suddenly heard the screech of tyres, a sudden bang and the smell of burning rubber.

So I parked up on the top of the fly over and jumped out my car.

Good grief It looks like a lorry had gone smack bang into the back of a tractor carrying hay.

I do hope no one hurt, it sounded pretty bad and the look of the cabin on the lorry didn’t look very promising.

I’ll be checking our local news later and updating this post with any further information when and if it’s available.

A55 Accident #1

A55 Accident #2

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Karen is the founder and owner of the Blazing Minds blog an avid blogger of all sorts of interesting and odd things. She is also the Scala Cinema Film Reviewer, where she reviews the latest movies and is a bit of a local celebrity and a new generation of on-line journalist. Karen won the individual events in the National UK Blog Awards in 2015 and is listed at No.3 in the TOP 10 UK Film blogs.

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  1. Wow a close one indeed – just found this via Twitter. You should send these to the paper. Flint Leader perhaps?

  2. Are you standing on the ledge? Wow… that is a close one but we wouldn’t want you falling over the edge to get those awesome pictures!!!

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