Come On BBC! Why The Break In Doctor Who

It’s been a long week waiting for tonight’s Doctor Who and believe me it was certainly worth the wait,

Warning if you’ve not seen the episode “A Good Man Goes To War” yet then this post does have spoilers.

Ok suffice to say the episode was indeed gripping, Amy Pond giving birth to her daughter Melody Pond and the Doctor calling in the troops.

We also found out who River Song is which a lot of fans had worked out some time back 😉


River Song is Melody Pond, yes what a shocker, but the worst was to come, not only is the show not back until the Autumn with the episode “Let’s Kill Hitler” but after the credits we had the image of the skeleton with the sonic screwdriver.

Now the question arises, is it that the Doctor’s hand or could it be River’s!

I suppose we’ll just have to wait until September!

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  1. Or could it even be Rory? After all, River once said that she was imprisoned in Stormcage for killing the best man she had ever known, and this season has made a big point about painting Rory in a similar light to the Doctor – both medics turned warrior, both have lived several hundred years, and both idolised by Amy (as in her opening words to Melody).

    It’s going to be a long summer waiting …

    Here’s my review of the half-season to date:

  2. Going to be a long wait indeed! I think the main reason Steven Moffat decided to put the mid-season break in Doctor Who is due to previous seasons missing out on ratings due to the summer holidays….

    I’m looking forward to the “Let’s Kill Hitler” returning episode, but I don’t think we’ll necessarily get too see The Doctor and co, kill hitler lol

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